Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer 2011

This has been a very full summer. I had a great blessing of spending time with my grandchildren. I learned a lot from them .

from Wilbourn age 5, I learned that snakes all have the name American in them. IE: the "American Black Snake" According to him, the snakes eat food that is their color. American Black Snakes eats Blackberries,American Red Snakes eat Strawberries,American Green Snakes eats Broccoli and so on.

From David age 7: It's okay that I do not know how to play WII games because when I was a kid, all I had was my imagination.

From Dylan age 6: When you want someone to understand what you are saying to them, you hold their hand, look into their eyes. He did this to me when he explained that one "should not walk in front of the TV when a guy is playing a game "

From Taylor age 4: Making duck sounds is fun because it makes people laugh and "laughing is good" He has a talent for making people happy.

From Jacob age 3: Boys are "smarter than girls cause they know how to dance better"

From Cora age 6: Dancing and singing not only make the singer and dancer happy, but whoever watches get joy from it too.

From Joe age 10: Fishing is a special calling. You either know how to catch fish or you just sit there quiet while someone else does. He was impressed that Jesus chose men who fished for a living to be his Disciples.

From Kayla age 12 and Emily age 11: Having pre-teen granddaughters is fun as well as a blessing. Both are beautiful inside and out.

From Cindy age 2: When you see Granny at the door, throw your hands up in the air and scream as you run to Mommy. After a bit, she will melt your heart with her smile.

I am very blessed to have grandchildren who have so many different talents and that God allows these talents to strengthen our family core.


Tressa said...

Such a sweet post! Lots of grandchildren, lots of different personalities. I love how you see the best in all of us! I also cannot believe the ages 12 to 2, that's amazing!!! We have the best Papa and Granny ever!!

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